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About Us

Have you ever traveled somewhere new, and came home with a piece of your heart missing? 

Do you spend your free-time day-dreaming about your next adventure?
We get it. 
Since we began our full-time travels in 2018, we realized that life is just better when you travel. We wanted travel gear that wasn't just incredibly functional, but that spoke to our wandering souls. Gear that made us feel empower, inspired, and shared our love for travel and life with the world. 

And since we couldn't find that travel gear, we created it. 
This a shop for travelers, made by travelers. A shop made for those of us who gotten bitten by the travel bug and ache for the day they can get back on an airplane. 
Our store is full of items designed to awaken the adventurous soul within and fill you with hope for the future of travel. 

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Chase for Adventure Shop Mission Statement

Chase for Adventure Shop Mission

Use a shared love for travel to unite people, empower people, and motivate them to create their best life.

How We Are Different

When you purchase from Chase for Adventure, you're buying from us, Annette and Daniel.

Everything we do has our heart and soul poured into it, and we pay attention to every detail. This isn't some big corporation that doesn't care about its customers.

We treat every single person, whether they shop from us or just watch our world travels on YouTube, like family. 


About the Adventurers

Since 2018, Annette and Daniel have been on the way to every country in the world. They quit their job, sold all of their stuffed, and jumped into the abyss of full-time travel with no idea how to sustain it. They created a YouTube Channel, Chase for Adventure, where they show their full-time travels and what they did to live their best life. 
During the pandemic, they are waiting for the world to open while fostering 10 Thai street dogs in the Koh Chang Jungle.

Follow their crazy adventures on: 




About the Designer

Annette is a travel-lover and adventurer that was tired of boring travel gear. Since she couldn't find any cute travel-themed gear on the internet, she decided to create it! So she's created a line of stunning travel face masks, travel quote T-shirts, and travel accessories for other travel-obsessed people out there.

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